Gun Control: Quote of the Week

Asked if he could outspend the National Rifle Association (NRA), former NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg casually replied, “Oh sure.”

(Forbes estimates his net worth at $33 billion)

Bloomberg, who strongly supports gun control,  added  “I’m not the only funder of this.”

For decades, no one has been able to out-gun the NRA. I would love to see Bloomberg lead a group of benevolent billionaires (and millionaires) willing to take on this all-too-powerful organization.


5 thoughts on “Gun Control: Quote of the Week

  1. Maggie:

    The NRA has around five million members. It advocates for rights guaranteed under the Constitution. It teaches gun safety. It teaches safe gun usage. It is the oldest Civil Right group in the US.

    Bloomberg might be able to outspend the NRA but he a few Billionaire friends (all with armed security guards around) are still only a handful of votes. This country is still of the people, by the people and for the people not of the money , by the money and for the money regardless of what the Ex-mayor of New York City thinks.


    What does a benevolent Billionaire look like? Kind of like a benevolent dictator?

  2. Charles-

    In some parts of the nation, voters support the NRA.
    But nationwide, they don’t.

    See the posts here

    The NRA has spent a huge amount of money buying and intimidating Congressmen.

    (Unfortunately, $$$ decides many things in Washington.)

    And now, the tide is turning. The nation is turning against the Republican party–and the NRA.

  3. Maggie:

    The tide is turning.

    Against free spending liberals and socialist democrats.

    The reasons our founding fathers put the second amendment in is to allow the population to protect themselves from an over reaching government. Just as our founders were separating themselves from an overreaching government.

    Dollars don’t by everything in Washington or Barrack Husain Obama would not be President and there would be no Obamacare.

    Maggie, I think it is very funny that you lambast the main stream media for their reporting on the Obamacare yet listen to them when they spout garbage you agree with. Why don’t you apply the same scrutiny to all the subjects you blog about!

    • Charles–

      The mainstream media is not at all liberal. At one time CBS, NPR, PBS and the New York Times were fairly liberal–but that was long ago.

      Look at polls on how Americans feel about Republicans. They have no chance of winning the White House next time around.

      Also, look at changing demographics. White middle-aged males (the biggest supporters of the NRA) are on their way to becoming a minority in this country.

      Latinos, Asians and African-Americans will be the majority–and they are not enthusiastic hunters. Nor are they big fans of guns. (Too often they are
      the victims.)

      Were you surprised when Obama was elected–and re-elected?

      My guess is that you were.

      You are in for more surprises. The polls show that the odds are very good that Hillary Clinton will win the White House.

      Meanwhile, more and more women will be elected to Congress.

      You are part of a shrinking group.

  4. Charles:

    What court case has ever used the 2nd amendment to strike down gun laws? The answer is none and the NRA knows that also.

    What laws did they use?

    United States v. Cruikshank
    United States v. Miller
    District of Columbia v. Heller

    SCOTUS has yet to decide on the 2nd Amendment scope.