Dear Readers– If your comment didn’t appear or you didn’t receive a reply

Today, I discovered many new comments on various posts–a majority of them came via Facebook.  (I’ve been busy lately, and haven’t checked comments as often as I usually do.)

Today, I answered most of them. So if you commented in the last week or two, check for my reply.

And please continue commenting via facebook, as well as directly.

You also should know that the first time you comment on HealthBeat, I need to “approve” your comment before it will show up on the blog. (That’s just the way WordPress is set up.)

After that, all of your comments will appear.( I approve comments unless they include personal attacks or are “rants.”  If you disagree with me or another reader, fine, but let’s keep the discussion polite, and please include facts to buttress your argument.

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