DVD’s of the Documentary Based on Maggie’s Book Can Be Purchased and Rented On-Line

As regular readers know, Alex Gibney, the Academy-Award-Winning documentary film-maker who made Enron: The Smartest Guys In the Room and Taxi to the Dark Side has produced a 90-minute documentary of my book, Money-Driven Medicine.

Alex and the director, Andy Fredericks, did a superb job of translating the book to the screen. The production values are high, and the stories are riveting. I have now attended several screenings: people in the audience laugh—and they cry.

The film’s distributor has now set up a preliminary website  where individuals can sign up to rent the film digitally for just $2.95 ( On the same moneydrivenmedicine.org High Schools, Public Libraries, HBCU’s and Qualifying Community Organizations can purchase the DVD for $49.95.  Colleges, Corporations and Government Agencies can purchase the DVD for $195.

Please Note: I am not sharing in the profits on any of these rentals and sales. And I have not set the prices. Though, I should add, the prices seem to me fair. I am very glad that individuals will be able to  rent the film for less than $3—and that high schools, public libraries and qualifying community organizations can purchase it at a relatively low price.

Perhaps some readers will consider purchasing the film for their local high school or library. Others might buy it for a college. This might inspire a college or a library to host a free screening.

Consider organizing a community dialogue, policy forum or even a town-hall meeting    built around the film so that health “consumers,” practitioners, the media and policy-makers can better understand what’s truly driving health care costs and participate more effectively in the health care reform debate. Tools to help convene such events will soon be added to  a new www.moneydrivenmedicine.org web site very soon.

Please let me know if you are organizing a screening. We can provide mailing lists for your communiity and educational  materials.

7 thoughts on “DVD’s of the Documentary Based on Maggie’s Book Can Be Purchased and Rented On-Line

  1. Why not reward people who take care of themselves; don’t smoke or take drugs; stay active; eat well and don’t go to doctors unless it’s for a check up? Maybe people need an incentive not to use the system unless they are really sick or in an accident.

  2. I was really hoping this film would be released to theatres like Michael Moore’s Sicko, or at least shown on something like Discovery Health or Nat Geo.
    Any chance that will happen? I don’t mind renting for a couple of bucks, but I’d like to see this film get more public exposure, especially now at this critical time.

  3. Panacea–
    The distributor who created this website and is selling the DVDs has the rights to “educational distribution”
    A second distributor brought the television rights and theatrical rights.
    I’m not sure what they will be doing–they’re in the planning stage.
    Ultimately, I hope that the film will wind up on
    a good cable channel.
    But Alex Gibney points out that first, one wants to create “buzz”–so that people have heard of the film and purposefully tune it to see it.
    That’s why we want screenings all over the country.
    If you try to launch it on TV prematurely, the only people who see it will be people who happened to be watching PBS (or whatever) that Tuesday night.
    Gibney points out that film distribution is changing–radically.
    It’s going to be about DVDs, grass-roots
    screenings, in people’s homes, screenings hosted by community groups, universities, med schools, etc.
    As for widespread theatrical realease, that rarely happens with serious documentarires.
    The film business, like the health care business is “money-driven.” And most Americans are not interested in films about ideas, so they don’t bring in the Big Money.
    Gibney’s Enron film did draw a large audience, but in the contest for an Academcy Award, lost to the
    film about Penguins. (I enjoyed the film about penguins–it was great!– but it’s wssn’t a film about ideas.)
    What Michael Moore does is totally different. I enjoy his films too, but he’s doing comedy about politics– rather than docoumentaries about ideas. . . .

  4. Maggie,
    thanks for the fast response. Do you know if “community organizations” includes community colleges. I’d love to try and set up a screening at the CC where I teach.

  5. Pancea–
    My guess is that the distributor would cut a break for community colleges, knowing that they have less money than universites.
    Calfornia Newsreel is run by two documetary film makers who have made fine documentaries abut poverty including one titled “Unnatural Causes”–a four-hour documentary aired on PBS last year that will be re-run this fall.
    It’s excellent. It’s about health and poverty; i’ve begun writing a post about it that I hope to finish in the next couple of weeks.
    Please send info about your Community College to me at mahar@tcf.org and I’ll forward it to them.
    Best, Maggie

  6. Maggie, I didn’t see the $2.95 rental option on that site. I saw the $49 and $195 options only. Can you help?