The Best Health Care Posts

Check out this week’s Health Wonk Review, highlighting the best stories that have appeared on health care blogs in the past two weeks–including a post about “the sorts of people some pharmaceutical companies hire to perform clinical research . . . including one physician-researcher who managed to personally give two of his patients genital herpes . . .”

Health Wonk Review also throws a spotlight on Managed Care Matters, where Joe Paduda recently examined how US universal coverage plans could deal with illegal immigrants, but noted that meanwhile, Mexico may come up with a universal coverage system before the US does.

And on the Agonist Ian Welsh commented on John Edwards’ pledge that if Congress doesn’t pass universal health care by July 2009, “I’m going to use my power as president to take your [legislator’s]  health care away from you.” Time magazine’s Joe Klein was appalled, calling Edwards’ statement “demagogic nonsense.” Welsh disagrees. ( I would be interested in what Health Beat’s readers think.)

This week, Dr. Roy Poses picked the posts for Health Wonk Review.  The editor of Health Care Renewal, Poses specializes in “addressing threats to health care’s core values, especially those stemming from concentration and abuse of power.” 
I began talking to Poses before I started this blog, and I have the greatest respect for his work. He pulls no punches, and backs up his pieces on conflict of interest and fraud with excellent research.  Honest physicians know, better than anyone, what is going on in our health care system, and Poses is one of the guys carrying a torch.

2 thoughts on “The Best Health Care Posts

  1. Doesnt Mexico already have “universal health care?”
    I’m pretty sure they have a system of public hospitals and clinics where everybody can go, and they dont have to pay anything.